The Team


David Couch

David Couch is a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Asheboro, NC.  A Wake Forest University graduate, David has spent the bulk of his career in real estate.  David has had a lifelong dream to be in farming since his first job on a tobacco farm at age 13.  David is passionate about farming, health, and wellness, and is excited about the opportunities that the farm provides to educate the public about the source of their food and the farming practices necessary to raise it.

Ridge Shinn

Ridge is an expert on producing gourmet 100% grass-fed beef. In addition to managing his own herd, he has consulted in New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, and England, as well as all over North America. His work has been recognized in the SmithsonianAtlantic MonthlyTime Magazine, and the New York Times. He brings Summerfield Farms not only his knowledge of producing meat that is consistently tasty and tender, but also his dedication to the larger mission of promoting 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef for human health and the global environment.

Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards brings a passion for wildlife management to the farm and seeks to preserve and enhance the depth and variety of wildlife found on the farm.


Our lead steer, Preacher, was in the first lot of cattle purchased by the farm.  He has maintained his position on the farm on account of his reliability in leading new livestock on the farm to fresh pasture, a requirement of the farm’s intensive grazing plan.  With a remarkably gentle nature, Preacher earned his name on account of the counsel that he provides to his peers on their last night on the farm.  Preacher will live out his life on the farm.

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