dan_barber_portrait2“The beef was unbelievable. It was among the best I’ve ever had. We all just stood around, amazed at the fat, and the long persistence of taste…like a glass of fine red wine. We were amazed. We have to get some of this beef.”
Dan Barber, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Blue Hill in Manhatten and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Barber was appointed by President Obama to serve on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition and is also a member of the Advisory Board to the Harvard Medical School Center for Health and The Global Environment. His writings on food and agricultural policy have appeared in the New York Times, along with articles in Gourmet, The Nation, Saveur and Food & Wine Magazine. Barber’s efforts to create a consciousness around our everyday food choices have led him to the World Economic Forum’s 2010 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland as well as to TED2010, where he looked toward a new ecological approach to cuisine.

“Summerfield Farms grass fed and finished beef makes a great burger. It cooks up tender and delicious. In fact, it’s one of our most popular items. It is nice to be able to get such wonderful beef right up the road.”
-Paul Branly, Iron Hen Executive Chef

“I’ve been on a journey the past 2 years to improve the health of my family. The more I’ve learned, the more frustrated I’ve become trying to sort through misleading labels at grocery stores. I started to think the only option would be to order clean, healthy meats online. The shipping can be very expensive so when I found out about Summerfield Farms I was thrilled. Completely grass fed and most importantly grass finished beef right here in my town, unbelievable! I know that the produce, meat and eggs I purchase there will not only taste delicious but will also provide nutrients to my family without having to worry about anything added that can be detrimental to our health. They do things the right way at Summerfield Farms and I thank God for the great service they provide to our community.”
-Josh Seawell, Brown Summit, NC

“Summerfield Grass Fed beef is an all-natural, locally-raised beef with a richness that is attainable only by small-farm production, and a complex sharpness that elevates meals from great to amazing.”
Steak Street‘s Exec Chef, Mitchell Nicks

“Looking out onto the rolling hills of Summerfield Farms, it’s hard to not see opportunity. Fields of cattle grazing, free-range chickens and a color palette of summer produce are preparing for a plentiful season on the market. Summerfield Farms is bringing ethics and responsibility back into farming and land management – and they are doing that through selling top quality, nutrient-dense foods.”
-Cecelia Thompson, Mod Meals on Mendenhall

“I bought a watermelon from Summerfield Farms the other day that was the sweetest, juiciest, reddest watermelon … honestly the best I’ve ever had!”
-Rosemarie Cook, Triad resident

“At Reto’s Kitchen we always search for the best available ingredients, and prefer local suppliers. As a chef, it is my responsibility to provide my customers with the healthiest foods that I can prepare. When I first met the farmer, David, he had such passion for raising the best grass fed beef meat that I already knew I would love it too. The quality and taste is fabulous, and it is the only ground beef we use.”
Chef Reto

“Everyone, especially our butcher, really loves this beef!”
-Casey McKissick, Foothills Farm & Butchery

“I have made 3 or 4 things with the beef. I have been doing other meats from Southern Foods in the past. Let’s just say that will stay in the past. This meat has been awesome. Full of flavor, tender and very little water release. I am in again for spring for sure. Great work.”
-Dion, Triad resident

“I am sold 100% on the beef especially since I don’t really like most beef and my picky eater son loves it!”
-Christi S., Greensboro, NC

“Thank you for the beef- it arrived earlier today.  We took the rib eye and got it up to room temp and ate it for supper.  We cooked it simply as is always the best: olive oil and just a hint of kosher salt and pepper.  I have to say it was a marvelous piece of meat. There was just enough marbling. It came off the griddle the same size as it went on. It was tender and had a flavour that was deep, rich and sweet.  My wife and a friend lucky enough to be sharing this all concurred.

We made burgers with SF ground beef. The colour was a good deep red. The residue left in the pan wasn’t excessive and the burgers kept size well.  I have to say that the eating quality was phenomenal. You’ve obviously got the fat ratio right as there’s enough to moisten but not excess.

I’m hugely impressed with a product this strong!”
-John Wilkes, Maryland

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