Nutrient density

Beef that is marketed as “grass-fed” often refers to animals that are pastured on grass yet could be fed a grain or other non-grass product as a supplement while being finished.

This practice compromises the health benefits of the beef and is unnatural and unhealthyfor cattle, as detailed in this study from Cornell University. Additionally, pre-mature harvesting of animals and poor management practices has a tendency to result in a “gamey” taste.

Our 100% grass-fed beef comes from animals that have been fed grassnutrient-dense-grass throughout the entirety of their lives, including the finishing stage, without ever having been supplemented with anything other than minerals. This is accomplished with time controlled grazing where the animals are moved continuously on to fresh pasture maintaining a continuous intake of fresh high nutritious forage  sustaining a positive plane of nutrition.

The outcome is a superior product with enhanced flavor, tenderness, and nutrient density. It’s simply the highest standard of beef available. To learn more about the nutrient density of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, check out this study from Ridge Shinn.

The links below are also full of important information on the benefits of 100% grass fed and finished beef:

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